Accessories for the gentleman.

Established in the Netherlands, Beldbrace crafts fine accessories for men. In the world full of repeated artistry, we get inspired by the sparkle of the powerful men who are confident, assertive. Beldbrace shares the idea that beauty exists in the small details. Sourcing fine stones, pure exquisite metals, gemstones, and custom-made ropes for our pieces we are obsessed over every detail. Beldbrace fine jewelry spotlights quality, practicality and innovation by bringing uniqueness to all of our products. It embraces comfort, color and buoyancy - the distinguishing properties that celebrate the men of all ages. Our statement pieces challenge the conception of luxury and elegance. Every Beldbrace collection has something for everyone. The men that prefer Beldbrace can mix and match the pieces without feeling overdone. Be it casual or smart occasions, our bracelets take your look to other dimension allowing you to stand out effortlessly. Indeed, the crafty, unique and select bracelets are a pleasure to wear and passion to collect. They are fulfilling and give the possessor some sort of identity. All Beldbrace items are stamped with the unique trademark and are handcrafted in the Netherlands.

That’s the uniqueness of our brand.